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4/25/16 - Please join us in welcoming Gene Guselli, our new President and CEO, to BostonSight!

4/20/16 - BostonSight President and CEO Gene Bonte will retire on April 22. We wish him the very best and look forward to his continued involvement as a Board Member. 

4/10/16 - Gary Fentin will retire from the BostonSight Board of Directors when his term expires in May. We thank him for his service and wish him all the best.

4/5/16 - We are aware of the discontinuation of Simply Saline for Contacts which many BostonSight PROSE patients use for rinsing. Please see our blog on the discontinuation of Unisol 4 for our current recommendations for solutions to use in PROSE treatment. 

3/25/16 - SJS Care Weeks 2016 will be held July 25 - August 5.

3/15/16 - Medical Director Deborah S. Jacobs, MD, was recently promoted at Harvard Medical School. 

2/20/16 - BFS is now doing business as BostonSight. Read our February PROSE Eye View ebulletin for more information.  

1/21/16 - BostonSight will have a table in the exhibit hall for Celebrating a Second Chance at Lifea symposium for survivors of bone marrow or blood transplants and their families. 

10/24/15 - Unisol 4 is being discontinued. Please see our blog for our recommendations for replacement products.

10/9/15 - October is Home Eye Safety Month! Learn how to recognize and treat eye injuries.


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