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Request Educational Materials

Medical Professionals:

Download our BostonSight® PROSE Materials Order Form to request complimentary educational materials to share with your patients and colleagues. This form can be saved to your computer and completed electronically, or printed and completed by hand.

Upon request, we are happy to send the following:

  • BostonSight PROSE Treatment: Information for Patients and Doctors
  • Brochures for Dry Eye Syndrome, Ocular Chronic Graft-Versus-Host Disease (GVHD), Stevens Johnson Syndrome, and Keratoconus and Cornea Ectasia
  • A demo PROSE device
  • A packet of three prosthetic device removal plungers


Patient looking at PROSE device

Seeing the Possibilities

PROSE patient with keratoconus Sharyn

Despite all of her efforts, Sharyn found no relief from the intense light sensitivity and gritty, sandy feeling in her eyes; she never left the house without her visor and sunglasses, both of which she often had to use indoors as well. Corneal transplants in each eye did not more