For Patients

Ode to an OD

by Carolyn Ball

PROSE patient Carolyn

There once was an OD named Kwok
A precise and deliberate doc
To the rooms he would fly
As he helped heal each eye
Of the patients who’d been through great shock

Now, Kwok was an interesting fellow
Moving fast for a fellow so mellow
A doctor so kind
Would be quite hard to find
And his smile would turn you to jello

The devices he tried to perfect them
And many times had to reject them
But Kwok never quit
Till finally they fit
And the eyes, they at last would protect them

His office was full of good folks
Helping big, small, the young and slow pokes
They gave you the facts
And provided great snacks
They all laughed, and they told you good jokes

Kwok works at the Boston Foundation
An eye place unique in our nation
Devices, they made them
And often would trade them
Till the patients all left in elation

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