For Patients

Post-Surgical Complications


Soon, he was in such pain that he could barely leave his home; unable to work, he was forced to apply for temporary disability from his role as a pediatrician at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami...   Read More

A Changed World

Rhonda’s visual fluctuations were a result of long-term complications of a radial keratotomy surgery more than 20 years ago. “He told me that I was losing my vision and there was no way to tell how far it would progress,” said Rhonda.   Read More

A Labor of Love

For years, James Finney dreamed about the clear vision that he thought LASIK would give him before he finally had the surgery in 2003. “I wanted to be sure they had worked out...   Read More

Living Life Fully

The first things you notice in the YouTube videos of Lance Shermoen competing in swing dance competitions are the groovy 1980s clothing and big hair. The next thing you notice ...   Read More

PROSE in the Family

When Rich Waxman came to Boston Foundation for Sight in 2009, he was ready to apply for permanent disability due to his deteriorating vision...   Read More