For Patients

Keratoconus and Ectasia

Filled with Joy

Michael credits Dr. Gire with the positive change in his life. “Dr. Gire helped me to see again, and I am filled with joy.”   Read More

A Scientific Miracle

She did something amazing with my vision! I was 20/1250 before I got my PROSE device. I couldn’t even see the one foot tall letter ‘E’ on the vision chart – it was just a blob.   Read More

Better Living Through PROSE

For Kevin, a 51 year old CPA and controller, this translated to having to give up many of his beloved physical activities – including playing basketball, and actively coaching his daughter’s soccer and basketball teams.   Read More

Feeling Terrirfic

On a return trip to BFS in 2008, the technology had advanced to where PROSE devices could be customized for both his keratoconus and his cornea transplants. “I had 20/20 vision in both eyes for the first time in many years,” says Gary. “It was a miracle.”   Read More

Passion for Painting - and Life

“I had been unable to leave my home before without assistance. I frequently hurt myself by bumping into things, knocking items over and breaking them, and getting burned when trying to cook. I depended on my husband to help with activities.”   Read More

Immense Gratitude

Mr. Bisgaier was soon being fitted me for BostonSight® PROSE devices. “It was incredible,” says Mr. Bisgaier. “The improvement in my vision was dramatic, and the devices are so comfortable, I can wear them the entire day.”...   Read More

Seeing the Possibilities

As her vision deteriorated, so did Sharyn’s enjoyment in life. “Taking the lenses out, resting my eyes, looking for lenses that popped out and putting them back in - if I could - was my routine every single day of my life...”   Read More

Contagious Spirit

Growing up in a tough section of Brooklyn, NY, Elijah Thomas faced his fair share of challenges. “I joined the Coast Guard in 1997 because, quite frankly, it was safer for me than staying in my neighborhood.” Elijah’s diagnosis of keratoconus...   Read More

Seeing is Believing

Harry Daniels was a senior partner in a leading Boston law firm struggling with keratoconus when disaster struck; his cornea perforated, requiring urgent surgery. While waiting for the transplant to heal, disaster struck again...   Read More