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Acknowledging Our Generous Donors

BostonSight is pleased to share the foundation’s online 2017 Annual Report. Our Annual Report highlights the public health issue of vision loss and impairment and how we are transforming organizationally to meet that need. 

Thank you for your generosity of spirit.  Together we are creating community and dramatically improving lives. 

Dr. Cressey examines a patient

Seeing Things Her Way

Julia Band Orange

Julia Band Orange was just a one-year old little girl when she began to have symptoms of APS type 1, an extremely rare autoimmune disease…For five years she suffered with extremely dry eyes, light sensitivity and frequent eye infections...read more

"This is THE place to come to for a miracle; a miracle in getting at least a big chunk of your eyesight back and having a lot of pain relieved. In this place everyone seems to love their work and each other, so the atmosphere is one of anticipation, hope and excitement."
— PROSE Patient