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Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Boston, MA

Massachusetts Eye and Ear (MEE) is a specialty hospital dedicated to excellence in the care of disorders that affect the eye, ear, nose, throat, and adjacent regions of the head and neck. MEE provides primary care and serves as a referral center for outpatient and inpatient medical and surgical care. In conjunction with Harvard Medical School, MEE is committed to the education of future health care professionals, as well as the education of the public concerning the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the diseases in its specialties and concerning the rehabilitation of patients handicapped by these diseases.

The Cornea Service at MEE has been at the forefront of many medical and surgical advances in the field. New programs have been developed for patients with severe corneal scarring, including stem cell transplantation, ocular surface reconstruction, lamellar keratoplasty, and keratoprosthesis (artificial cornea) surgery. The Cornea Service also acts as a regional resource for the management of difficult and sight-threatening diseases, including corneal ulcers, severe viral disease, and dry eye syndrome. Cornea Fellows spend some of their time at BostonSight, learning about the role of Ocular Surface Restoration in the treatment of complex corneal diseases.

Deborah S. Jacobs, MD, Medical Director at BostonSight, has served as member of the Cornea Service Faculty since 2008. She staffs a clinic at MEE twice monthly in which patients are referred by other MEE doctors for consideration for BostonSight® PROSE treatment.

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