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Cataract Surgery and PROSE

It is not unusual for patients wearing BostonSight® PROSE devices to require cataract surgery. Over the past decade we have had substantial experience with PROSE patients with ocular surface disease or ectasia/irregular astigmatism who require cataract surgery, and wish to resume wear of their prosthetic devices immediately post‐op for comfort, vision, or both.

Our doctors have created a physician’s guide to cataract surgery and PROSE that discussed surgical technique recommendations, use of topical NSAIDs, and more.

Download it today! Cataract Surgery in the BostonSight PROSE Patient. 

Treatment that Works

BostonSight PROSE patient Sandra Defrancisco

Sandra DeFrancisco thought she had a mild case of shingles when she was first diagnosed in 1993. But as the skin rash cleared, the pain in her left eye began. “It was piercing,” recalls the Plymouth resident. “I knew I needed to see my eye doctor.” more