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Refer a Patient for BostonSight® PROSE

Dr. Carrasquillo examines Valerio

To refer a patient to BostonSight, Needham, MA, please fill out our Physician Referral Form. To refer a patient for BostonSight PROSE treatment at one of the US Provider clinics, please click here.

Three Key Facts Every Referring Physician Should Know:

  1. Almost 80% of patients treated with PROSE at BostonSight are covered by insurance and/or financial assistance.
  2. After treatment, patients return to their referring physician or their primary eye care provider for care.
  3. PROSE treatment uses scleral lens prosthetic devices that are approved by the FDA for therapeutic indications.

Learn more about PROSE treatment!

View a comprehensive list of indications for PROSE treatment. 

For emergency patient referrals please call our Physician Referral Hotline: 781-726-6033
This line is reserved for medical professionals only.

For all other inquiries from medical professionals, please contact our New Patient Affairs Coordinator at 781-726-7438, or visit to send an email. Please note this phone line is for medical professionals only.


Cancer survivor Mark made this sculpture for BostonSight in gratitude

"Mark had lost all hope by the time he arrived at our door. As a doctor, it is such a powerful moment to insert a device for the first time and immediately eliminate the pain that these survivors endure.”
- Dr. Lynette Johns
read Mark’s story