For Patients

BostonSight Web Portal

Patients of BostonSight, Needham, MA, can now view clinical summaries of their patient visits on our Web Portal!

To access the secure web portal, please:

1. Go to

2. Click on the registration link

3. Fill in the registration form. Your temporary password is 1234. The information you enter must match what we have on file in your medical record

4. Click “Submit Registration”

a. If your registration is not accepted, please call one of our scheduling coordinators at (781) 726-7337 to verify the information we have on file for you. 

b. If you receive a message saying “Successfully Registered”, click ok to be taken to the log in screen

5. Log in to the secure web portal by using the e-mail address supplied during registration and your new password

6. Click on the “View Document” link to bring up a pop up window with the visit record

7. From this screen you can view as well as download your BostonSight clinical summaries to your computer

Thank you!


PROSE device being filled

Contagious Spirit

Thanks to BostonSight PROSE, Elijah's keratoconus can't hold him back.

Over the next few years, Elijah's vision continued to worsen as the list of things he tried without success became longer, and his remaining options dwindled. And with it, his hopes for a normal life grew dimmer.... read more