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Kathy Bowen - a patient's letter

February 3, 2013

Dear Boston Foundation for Sight,

Grateful PROSE patient Kathy

What an exciting three day experience I had at BFS last week! I met so many professional, friendly people who helped me see and feel better so quickly. The results were beyond my expectations!

I appreciated meeting and working with Dr. Ridges. His skill and attention to detail was amazing. He could just keep tweaking and tweaking to make me a perfect set of devices. I have 20/20 vision now and except for VERY small print I do not need reading glasses! What a difference three days with a skilled doctor can make.

Everyone on the training team was great! Heidi and Yudit made what could have been an arduous task seem like a piece of cake. Darlene was like the Roadrunner - moving along at lightning speed, always with a smile on her face. She and Yudit gave me personal attention when getting me ready to see Dr. Ridges. The training sessions, with different individuals, were very helpful. What one person suggested, another person supported and then added to. I was very reassured that I could ask Heidi or Yudit any question and they would help guide me to a solution to any challenge I might have.

BFS as a whole was such a friendly place, set up with your patients in mind. Dark room, game room, a well-stocked kitchen — what more could one ask? I was not looking forward to three full days there; however, they went by quickly because of the atmosphere your team has created.

To say that I appreciate all of you and what you do and have done for me is an understatement.

Be well and continue your great work “giving sight” in 2013.

Kathy Bowen 
Acton, MA

Dry eye syndrome

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