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Dry Eye Syndrome

Finding a Solution 

“I had spent a ton of money on eye drops, expensive sunglasses, and many different doctors. When I heard about PROSE, I would have gone anywhere to try it. Lucky me, it was practically in my own backyard,” said the coastal Massachusetts resident.   Read More

PROSE patient Susan has Sjogren's syndrome

I Can Do Anything

As years passed, Linda became increasingly frustrated with her condition. Different doctors treated her problems as though they stemmed from different causes. Ultimately it literally took decades for someone to put the pieces together and correctly diagnose Linda.   Read More

PROSE patient with Sjogren's syndrome Linda

Heart-Filling Gratitude

Julley from the north India Himalayan region of Ladakh! My name is Tsering Gyatso. I am an officer in the security police force of Ladakh, located in the high Himalayan region of North India, on the border of Tibet and Pakistan...   Read More

Tsering Gyatso on duty in Tibet

Off the Couch and on with Life

Because of his dry eye and corneal scarring caused by the laceration, prescription glasses could not properly correct his vision and he became reliant on gas permeable hard contact lenses to see. In 2011 Joe’s eyes became so dry that he could no longer wear his lenses...   Read More

BostonSight patient Joe enjoys a cruise with his wife

No More Wasted Time

I suffer from extreme dry eyes and do not produce any tears at all. My eyes had gotten so bad that going to work and playing sports were becoming very difficult. On some days my eyes would be so scratched that going outside was almost impossible...   Read More

PROSE patient Corey with his dog Cally

Seeing Things Her Way

Julia Band Orange was just a one-year old little girl when she began to have symptoms of autoimmune polyendocrinopathy syndrome (APS) type 1, an extremely rare autoimmune disease...   Read More

Green Eyes and Blue Skies

John Yorke is a survivor. Living with AIDS for over 30 years, he believes that many angels have come into his life to help him along the way...   Read More

Breaking the Chains

When Melissa Kelley was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) nearly 25 years ago, she was committed not to let stiff, aching joints, painful muscles and fatigue change her active lifestyle...   Read More

BostonSight PROSE patient Melissa Kelley

I Should Have Owned Stock in Eyedrops

Tammy Truman of Alberta, Calgary, was a lifelong contact lens wearer. One day when she put her contacts in they just didn’t feel right. What began was a four year ordeal for Tammy...   Read More