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Finally, his cornea specialist admitted that there was nothing more that he could do. He offered Scott two choices: BostonSight PROSE treatment or a cornea transplant. Scott chose PROSE....   Read More

Scott Thompson

A Life Changing Moment

When Vicki Odegaard had an acoustic neuroma removed, she experienced significant nerve damage. This resulted in total paralysis on the right side of her face, decreased tear production, and an inability to blink. “The dry eye after my surgery was the most painful thing I had ever experienced,” remembered Vicki...   Read More

Vicki Odegaard and her husband

Compassion and Care

Watching young Luke Ciciretto play ice hockey, you would never know that he has to compensate for his vision problems. “Luke has adjusted so well to everything. If you look at him and didn’t know what he has gone through, you would never know,” said his mother, Lisa.
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Luke, a PROSE patient at Kellogg Eye Center

Unbelievable Relief

In addition to relieving Bill’s pain and discomfort, PROSE treatment has given him an additional benefit. “I wore thick glasses since the third grade. With my PROSE devices, I have 20-25 vision, and NO glasses."   Read More

BostonSight patient Bill, who has dry eye caused by pemphigoid

Grace Rocks!

In 2008 Grace started the second grade. During the year she began to develop problems with her balance; that summer she started having headaches. Then, about a week before an appointment with a neurologist, Grace became very ill...   Read More

PROSE patient Grace

Seeing What Has Been Missing

Martha “Martie” Polleys has had Corneal Lattice Dystrophy for her entire life. Martie would develop corneal abrasions for no apparent reason, requiring her to wear an eye patch for at least a week, with countless applications of topical antibiotic...   Read More

PROSE patient Martie (with husband) has Corneal Lattice Dystrophy

Phenomenal Improvement

Years of medical interventions combined with ocular inflammation, blurred vision, corneal ulcers, light sensitivity and pain understandably left him frustrated and angry at not being able to be more independent and participate in all the games that his peers played.   Read More

PROSE patient Edwin with Dr. Karen Carrasquillo

Finally, Treatment that Works

Sandra DeFrancisco thought she had a mild case of shingles when she was first diagnosed in 1993. But as the skin rash cleared, the pain in her left eye began. “It was piercing,” recalls the Plymouth resident. “I knew I needed to see my eye doctor.”...   Read More

BostonSight PROSE patient Sandra Defrancisco

A Life Changing Experience

After my MRI I learned that I had a tumor on my cranial nerve called an acoustic neuroma— which are typically very slow growing, benign tumors...   Read More

BostonSight PROSE helped Kelley after her surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma

The Only Thing I Really Needed...

Donna Sarrafian suffers with Salzmann’s Nodular Degeneration. For 35 years she struggled with worsening vision, eventually she had to stop driving at night, fearful for her safety behind the wheel. As the condition progressed...   Read More

BostonSight PROSE patient with Salzmann's Nodular Degeneration Donna Sarrafian

Focusing on Life

When asked about how he manages some of the more troubling symptoms of familial dysautonomia, such as blood pressure and heart rate fluctuations and itchy, blotchy skin, Morgan shares, "It makes me feel unwell and out of control."...   Read More

Morgan has Familial Dysautonomia. BostonSight PROSE treatment helps.

It Takes a Village

June 2, 2011: The accident details are sketchy. Eight year old Juliana and her mother Melissa, pregnant with her second child, were traveling on a dirt road somewhere outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras....   Read More

Accident victim Juliana with her BostonSight doctors