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PROSE in the Family

Patient: Rich Waxman
Diagnosis: Complications post-LASIK
Sight Restored: May 2009

When Rich Waxman came to Boston Foundation for Sight in 2009, he was ready to apply for permanent disability due to his deteriorating vision.  After 30 years of contact lens use, Rich underwent LASIK surgery in 2004. Unfortunately, a family history of keratoconus was not revealed at that time and a severe astigmatism was not discovered during pre-surgery testing, both of which are contraindications for LASIK.   
About 18 months after LASIK, Rich began to notice problems with his eyesight.  “I was doing computer training and a colleague handed me a pair of bifocals, saying I needed them more than he did. I didn’t realize I was squinting so badly.” His vision began to fluctuate wildly, affecting his ability to work and drive. “I would wake up in the morning and be able to see fine; then by noon my vision would be 20/400.”

BostonSight PROSE patient with keratoconus Rich Waxman

Struggling to find an appropriate diagnosis, many eye doctors ultimately said that nothing could be done to help him. But optometrist Chris Owens persevered, assuring Rich that he would do everything he could to get to the bottom of his problems.

Both Rich’s brother Lee and his sister Robin had been diagnosed with keratoconus in their early teens. Lee, a BostonSight® patient, suggested PROSE. Dr. Owens agreed that it might be able to help Rich’s post-LASIK ectasia. Soon after, Rich made the trip from North Carolina to Needham and completed treatment with Dr. Lynette Johns. “The day I walked in there, there were eight new patients in the waiting room, and six of them were blind in some way. All of them could see when they left.”

Today, Rich is grateful for his BostonSight PROSE devices and the improved vision they have given him. “You guys have been a life saver. I wear my devices all day. When I take them out all I can do is go to bed – I can’t read, watch TV or do anything except fold laundry.”  He is also very thankful to Dr. Owens for the excellent treatment he received and wishes more doctors knew about PROSE.  Rich hopes that his sister Robin, an avid world-traveler, will soon find herself close to a PROSE clinic so that she too might enjoy the improved quality of life it offers.

“PROSE patients are the best ambassadors to friends and family members with corneal disease.  Thanks to his brother Lee’s recommendation and Dr. Owens’ dedicated care, Richard has both reaped the benefits of our treatment and become an active ambassador himself.”
- Dr. Lynette Johns.

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