For Patients

A Labor of Love

Patient: James Finney
Diagnosis: complications post-LASIK
Sight Restored: August 2012

Complications post-LASIK stole James' vision. BostonSight PROSE restored it.

For years, James Finney dreamed about the clear vision that he thought LASIK would give him before he finally had the surgery in 2003. “I wanted to be sure they had worked out the bugs, but I also wanted to be able to swim, and live my life without having to worry about contacts.” Unfortunately for James, what was supposed to be a simple procedure turned his life into a waking nightmare.

Almost immediately after surgery, James started having trouble with every day activities. “My vision was right for about a week after LASIK, and then it just kept getting worse,” he said. “The dryness was so bad that I was using artificial tears maybe 12 times a day.”

The active, 37-year old Bostonian could no longer safely exercise. A food services employee, he began to worry about being able to support himself. “My vision was so off that I couldn’t cook because I was afraid of burning myself. I would go to pull a pan out of the oven and I wouldn’t be able to see how far away it was.”

Over the next nine years, James moved from soft to hard contact lenses, with little improvement. “The hard lenses wouldn’t sit properly, and my eyes were so dry that I would turn my head and they would just pop out.” Then, in 2012, James visited BFS, and completed BostonSight® PROSE treatment with Dr. Karen Carrasquillo.

“It’s like a dream come true – I can see well enough to go to the gym and be able to see how fast the treadmill is going, and not step on the part of the treadmill that isn’t moving. I can cook and see the dials on the oven.”

PROSE treatment has given James more than just his vision back; “I was told that I looked nervous and scared. Now I have more confidence. When I am speaking to people now I can see what they are saying. People notice that my face has more expression now that I can see things more clearly.”

James is taking his newfound confidence and translating it to a new career. “I’m a go-getter. Being an entertainer is what I want and these devices have given me the opportunity to go for it! You guys have given me hope.”

“James always arrived with a smile and a contagious, larger than life positive outlook," remembered Dr. Carrasquillo. "Now he can bring even more laughter and inspiration to those he touches with his labor of love – entertaining people.”

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