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Better Living Through PROSE

BostonSight PROSE patient Kevin with his daughter's soccer team

Patient: Kevin George
Diagnosis: keratoconus
Sight Restored: 2015

In the state of Massachusetts, eye disorders and vision loss cost the economy more than $3 billion in direct and indirect costs each year. More difficult to account for are the myriad personal and professional costs amassed by those who are affected by vision problems. More than just money spent on treatments, doctors, and medications; it can include lost relationships, lost jobs, and lost opportunities.

Many patients suffering with corneal disease can share their personal stories of opportunities lost. But thanks to BostonSight® PROSE treatment, patients like Kevin George (pictured with his daughter and her soccer teammates) regain their quality of life. Quality of life that Kevin lost due to keratoconus, an eye disease in which the cornea becomes cone shaped.

After undergoing corneal transplants on each eye, Kevin made do for years with hard, uncomfortable contact lenses. “I wore hard lenses because soft contacts and glasses were never able to correct my vision enough,” said Kevin. But even the hard contact lenses were not able to fully give him the quality of life he wanted. “I couldn’t run around anymore. My contact lenses would just pop out.”

For Kevin, a 51 year old CPA and controller, this translated to having to give up many of his beloved physical activities – including playing basketball, and actively coaching his daughter’s soccer and basketball teams. “I was still able to play competitive baseball for 15 years post-transplant, but even then there was the risk of suddenly not being able to see because I had lost a contact again. Eventually I had to give that up too.”

In recent years, his corneas continued to change shape, until his doctors at Massachusetts Eye and Ear determined that there were no traditional lenses that would stay in his eyes for any extended period of time. “My doctors at Mass Eye are wonderful, and took great care of me for many years, but my eyes eventually got so bad that they just couldn’t help me anymore.”

A corneal abrasion in February 2015 left Kevin praying for an answer. “My eyesight began affecting how many hours in each day I could work.” A return visit to Mass Eye and Ear led to a referral to Boston Foundation for Sight (BFS). Kevin had never heard of BFS or BostonSight PROSE treatment, but reading some of the patient stories on the BFS website gave him new hope. That hope was fulfilled - PROSE treatment has given Kevin a whole new lease on life.

“I am absolutely thrilled with my PROSE devices,” said Kevin. “There are so many things I can do again that I had not been able to do for years. I can’t believe how well I can see! I never thought I would get this kind of vision with such comfort. I can do more, work more, play more, and be a bigger part of my daughter’s life.  All thanks to PROSE.”

Download a PDF of Kevin's story.