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Unbelievable Relief

BostonSight patient Bill, who has dry eye caused by pemphigoid

Patient: Bill Noble
Diagnosis: Pemphigoid
Sight Restored: 2014

In February 2014, eighty-year old Bill Noble became a proud graduate of what he affectionately calls the “Yudit and Heidi School of Application and Removal” at Boston Foundation for Sight. Bill left the Needham clinic that day wearing his custom designed prosthetic devices, and traveled 260 miles - driving a car for the first time in almost two years! - along the bright, snowy New England roads to his home in New Jersey.

Bill learned about BostonSight® PROSE treatment from Kristin Hammersmith, MD, of Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia; but was reluctant to travel to Massachusetts for what he assumed would be yet another failed treatment. However, after being “pressured and finally convinced” by his wife and daughters, the family made the trip to BFS, and the experience and results were overwhelmingly positive.

The Noble family was greeted by Gillian Fontana, New Patient Affairs Coordinator, when they arrived at BFS for Bill’s initial PROSE treatment consult. Gillian “immediately put us at ease with her introductions, explanation of BFS’s extensive amenities, and her description of what we could expect to occur during this initial visit,” said Bill.

He found Crystal Remington, OD, FAAO, equally warm and welcoming. When Dr. Remington first applied the trial prosthetic devices to Bill’s eyes, he was thrilled by the relief that they provided, after almost three years of increasing pain and light sensitivity caused by pemphigoid, a systemic autoimmune disease that can create severe tear deficiency. “After month upon month of constant discomfort and stinging, I could not believe the relief - and these were just trial devices!” The Nobles readily agreed to return the next month to complete Bill’s BostonSight PROSE treatment.

Bill and his wife, Carol, returned to an equally warm welcome a month later. “The entire BFS organization works hard to ensure that you feel like a family member,” remembers Bill. So much so that, when a heavy snowstorm forced the cancellation of Bill’s hotel shuttle service, he and his wife were driven back to their hotel by BFS President and CEO Gene Bonte.

In addition to relieving Bill’s pain and discomfort, PROSE treatment has given him an additional benefit. “I wore thick glasses since the third grade. With my PROSE devices, I have 20-25 vision, and NO glasses."

Bill has his life back, thanks in part to his personal motto -  “the three Ps – patience, perseverance, and prayer.” Now Bill has another P to be thankful for – PROSE.

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