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PROSE patient Susan has Sjogren's syndrome

Finding a Solution 

Patient: Susan Parnell
Diagnosis: Sjogren's syndrome
Sight Restored: 2015


This is how Susan Parnell felt when she was told that all medical options had been exhausted, and that she would simply have to learn to live with the extreme eye pain and light sensitivity caused by Sjogren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disease that primarily presents with symptoms of dry eyes and a dry mouth. “I couldn’t believe that,” said Susan. “With all of the technology available, it seemed crazy that I would just have to live like this.”

Dry eye began affecting Susan’s life in her mid-50’s.  “My eyes were dry and sore all the time, and very sensitive to sunlight, and it just kept getting worse. It felt like my eyes had a headache all the time.” Two years later, when she arrived in Needham for BostonSight® PROSE treatment, Susan’s eye condition had worsened to the point that she couldn’t tolerate bright light, and was unable use the computer, read, or drive a car.

A busy professional who juggles several business ventures, and also volunteers with her certified therapy dog in her local school system, Susan was thrilled when she learned that PROSE might be the answer she was looking for. “I had spent a ton of money on eye drops, expensive sunglasses, and many different doctors. When I heard about PROSE, I would have gone anywhere to try it. Lucky me, it was practically in my own backyard,” said the coastal Massachusetts resident.

“PROSE treatment was a miracle for me. Everyone at BostonSight was pleasant, patient, and soothing,” remembers Susan. She had particularly effusive praise for Kevin Renaud, the ophthalmic technician who trained her in the application, removal, and care of her new prosthetic devices. “Kevin was just SO encouraging. He uses PROSE devices himself, and I couldn’t even see them in his eyes!” Susan particularly enjoyed the community kitchen, where she met patients who had traveled there from around the world. “It was beautiful to be able to experience all of those people able to see again.”

Now able to resume her active life, Susan has some advice for anyone going through their own personal healthy journey. “Many people don’t have the time or perseverance to keep researching and looking for a solution. But you have to be your own best advocate. When you have a health problem, don’t give up! There is always a solution.”

Download a PDF of Susan's story.