For Patients

Compassion and Care

Patient: Luke Ciciretto
Diagnosis: viral infection
Sight Restored: 2010

Luke, a PROSE patient at Kellogg Eye Center

Watching young Luke Ciciretto play ice hockey, you would never know that he has to compensate for his vision problems. “Luke has adjusted so well to everything. If you look at him and didn’t know what he has gone through, you would never know,” said his mother, Lisa.

When Luke was just an infant, his parents noticed what appeared to be a small scratch on his right cornea. The scratch didn’t heal, and kept getting worse, prompting the Ciciretto family to go from doctor to doctor, looking for someone who could help him. The mid-western family even traveled to California to see a specialist. Although clinicians have never been able to definitively state what was causing his cornea to develop abrasions, they think the most likely culprit was a viral infection.

Luke’s life was dramatically affected by the scarring in his eye. “He was limited as to what he could do,” said Lisa. “Going outside when it was cold wreaked havoc on his eye – and we live in Michigan! It’s cold here a lot.” With the vision in his right eye at 20/800, Luke’s parents worried about what would happen should anything damage his left eye.

Luke was five years old, and had been a patient of Shahzad Mian, MD, and Gary Sandall, MD, at Kellogg Eye Center in Ann Arbor, MI, for several years, when the BostonSight® PROSE clinic at Kellogg opened. BostonSight PROSE Clinical Fellow Karen DeLoss, OD, thought that Luke would be an excellent candidate for PROSE treatment. As it turns out, she was right. While Luke’s eye does get irritated during allergy season, it is managed by medication; he has not suffered a corneal breakdown since wearing his PROSE device.

“Dr. DeLoss has been an angel to Luke,” remembered Lisa. “I was so nervous when he started kindergarten with his new prosthetic device; but she cared so much about Luke that she came to the school and explained PROSE treatment, and how to handle the device, to the school staff. It was so above and beyond what a doctor would normally do.”

Now, at 11 years old, Luke has learned to apply and remove his prosthetic device by himself. A “mostly A” student, Luke is involved with sports, including skiing, and plays the trumpet. He is a happy boy who has adjusted well to his ocular condition. “Our whole family is so grateful for Dr. DeLoss and PROSE treatment,” said Lisa. “Luke would not be where he is today without her compassion and care.”

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