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Patient: Scott Thompson
Diagnosis: near-sighted
Sight Restored: 2015

Scott Thompson

To Scott Thompson’s great surprise, retirement came early for this 61 year old. If you had asked Scott in 2015 to predict why, he surely would have guessed that it would be due to his eyesight. He would have guessed correctly, but not in a way he could have ever imagined.

“I’ve always had really bad vision, even as a child,” remembers Scott. He needed to wear glasses to be able to see. In the late 1970’s, while doing yard work, his glasses were accidently knocked off by a tree branch. Unable to find them, or function without them, Scott had no choice but to make his way back to the house, and wait for someone to come home to help him. Feeling so helpless and vulnerable convinced him to undergo the newly available radial keratotomy (RK) surgery, during which the shape of the cornea is changed to improve near-sightedness.

After the procedure Scott enjoyed great vision for a few years, but soon was back to wearing glasses; over time, he needed increasingly stronger prescriptions to be able to see properly. In 2012, having reached the point where glasses were no longer effective, and unable to wear soft contact lenses because of his previous RK surgery, Scott was referred to a cornea specialist. 

Two years, one eye surgery, and approximately seven different types of hard contact lenses later, Scott was running out of hope. The curvature of his eye made being comfortably fit with hard contacts impossible. “It was the same every time. I would gradually increase the time each day that I would wear the hard contacts, and each time, when I got to about 6-7 hours, I just couldn’t stand the discomfort. I would have to start decreasing wear time, until the pain was so bad that I couldn’t wear them at all anymore.”

Finally, his cornea specialist admitted that there was nothing more that he could do. He offered Scott two choices: BostonSight PROSE treatment or a cornea transplant.

Scott chose PROSE.

During his first day in the highly customized prosthetic devices, he experienced some pain, and thought, “Here we go again. This is just going to be another waste of my time.” The next day, Scott wore his PROSE devices to work, and was thrilled at the excellent vision and comfort they provided. “I wore them all day, and kept waiting for the pain … that never came.” After so many failed attempts to comfortably correct his vision, Scott was understandably skeptical, and it took him three months to truly believe that he had finally found a long term solution.

“PROSE is a complete life changer for me. My hard contacts hurt all the time, but most of the time I can’t even tell that I have my PROSE devices in.” He has high praise for Michelle Lee, OD, his BostonSight PROSE clinician at Weill Cornell Eye Associates. “Dr. Lee is fantastic, very personable, very friendly and concerned. She did a great job; I was very happy with her. I wish I had gone to see her years ago and avoided all the pain and lost hope by trying all those hard contacts.”

BostonSight PROSE treatment improved Scott’s vision and quality of life so dramatically that he is choosing to spend his remaining years enjoying it. Scott hasn’t made any big plans yet for retirement; he is still too busy delighting in the simple things that life with clear, pain-free eyesight can offer. “I have my freedom back - I can drive whenever I want, and I can ride my motorcycle again. I can work with tools again without worrying that I’ll hurt myself because I can’t see well enough. Everything is easier now, everything is better. I don’t even have words to describe the improvement that PROSE treatment has brought to my life.”

Download a PDF of Scott's story here.