For Patients

Filled with Joy

Patient: Michael Headlam
Diagnosis: keratoconus
Sight restored: 2016

Keratoconus patient Michael Headlam with his wife

The last thing that Michael Headlam (pictured with wife Margaret) wanted was to have surgery on his eyes. However, after years of suffering with ever-worsening keratoconus, surgery was presented as his last and only option to regain his eyesight. “I was thinking that I would have to start learning braille,” remembered Michael.
As an Officer of the Watch, responsible for the safe and smooth navigation of large container ships, Michael had traveled all over the world. Now, with his vision compromised and limited to one functioning eye, his world had shrunk. In fact, he could barely travel to the grocery store by himself. “It was dangerous to drive when I could only see out of one eye,” he said, but admits that he did it anyway.  

Afraid of losing what little vision he had left and trying to avoid surgery, Michael turned to the internet, hoping to find an effective alternative. Fortunately he did; in the form of BostonSight PROSE treatment and Anisa Gire, OD, FAAO, who immediately impressed him. “I have seen many doctors, and Dr. Gire is the best one I have ever had. She really looked out for me and gave me the facts, encouraged me to do my research.”

Dr. Gire helped him better understand PROSE treatment, and Michael was excited; it presented him with an opportunity to regain what he had lost. After obtaining pre-approval from his insurance company, a process which took several months, Michael successfully completed PROSE treatment with Dr. Gire at Wilmer Eye Institute in Bethesda, MD.

“I am so happy now. Nothing can hold me back,” said Michael, whose current job is working with IT networks. He has been learning new coding skills and improving his C++, which he learned in six weeks with only one working eye. Michael credits Dr. Gire with the positive change in his life. “Dr. Gire helped me to see again, and I am filled with joy.”

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