What's New at BostonSight®?

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3/22/17 - BostonSight recently launched BostonSight SCLERAL, a new vision for irregular cornea and ocular surface disease. BostonSight SCLERAL is available at more than 35 locations nationwide, with more being added each week. Read the press release.

3/16/17 - We are pleased to welcome David Rosenbloom, PhD, as our new Board Chair.

3/9/17 - Longtime Board Chair Gary Knaak has resigned from the BostonSight Board of Directors. We thank him for his years of service and wish him the best of luck.

3/1/17 - Please join us in welcoming Sabrina Grankewicz, and Antonio Oliviera-McDaniel to the BostonSight team. 

2/1/17 - Please join us in welcoming Sue Sharer and Nancy McBride,  to the BostonSight team. 

1/26/17 - BostonSight staffers are attending the Global Specialty Lens Symposium this weekend.

10/20/16 - We are thrilled to announce that the first Canadian BostonSight Network clinic, opening in early 2017, will be located at Kensington Eye Institute (KEI) in Toronto, Ontario.

10/1/16 - On October 18, BostonSight will team up with the New England College of Optometry for A Night of Continuing Education. COPE credits are available for participating optometrists. Please email Nancy at for information or to register.  



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