PROSE Providers

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

University of Miami, Plantation, FL

The Ocular Surface Center at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, part of UHealth at the University of Miami, offers comprehensive eye care for patients with ocular surface disorders, including but not limited to ocular graft versus host disease, dry eye syndrome, Sjögren’s syndrome, cicatricial ocular pemphigoid, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and thermal and chemical burns.

Located in Plantation, Florida, just 30 minutes north of Miami, the academic environment of the Center allows them to quickly advance novel translational research from the bench-side to the bed. The team of fellowship-trained doctors have access to the most modern diagnostic tools, along with medical and surgical treatment modalities driven by innovative basic and clinical research, many of which they have developed. 

The wide variety of ocular surface treatments offered includes PROSE treatment, serum tears, in vivo stem cell transplantation and artificial cornea transplantation.

The BostonSight® Network Clinic at the Plantation, FL, location, opened in 2012. Steve Barbosa, PROSE Program Coordinator, would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding candidacy, billing, insurance or scheduling. It is their goal to make the approval and treatment process as easy as possible.

Contact Information

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
8100 SW 10th Street, Building 3
Plantation, FL 33324

To make an appointment, please call: (954) 465-2751. At this time, no new patients are being accepted.

Frequently asked questions for PROSE patients

Medical professionals: to refer a patient for PROSE treatment at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, please complete the referral form and fax it, with your last note, to the attention of the PROSE Clinic at 954-465-2725.

Dr. Perez

PROSE...the missing link

Kendall E. Donaldson, MD, and Priscilla Sotomayor, OD, BostonSight PROSE Clinical Fellow, recently published a great article about PROSE treatment at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. In the article, Dr. Donaldson stated that, “I have a multitude of patients, who were incapacitated either by their vision or by discomfort, who are now fully functional, working, driving and reading again with their PROSE lenses....The PROSE device gives us an opportunity to change lives for those patients who have lost all hope in other conventional treatments. It has really become an essential component of our ocular surface practice at Bascom Palmer.”