PROSE Treatment

Treatment Process

1. Referral

Patients are typically referred for BostonSight® PROSE treatment by their primary eye care provider, medical doctor, or cornea specialist. Once a referral has been made, PROSE doctors conduct an initial medical review based on the information provided.

2. Medical Consultation

The next step to determine whether PROSE can help is an easy, no commitment two hour consultation at BostonSight, Needham, MA. To schedule a consultation with a different BostonSight PROSE provider, click here.

Dr. Crystal Remington examines a patient

During the consultation doctors place trial prosthetic devices on the eye(s) to assess potential improvement in vision and relief of symptoms. While some patients do experience significant symptom relief almost immediately, others get increasing benefit over time. BostonSight PROSE treatment can usually correct refractive error.

Doctors work with each patient to determine if PROSE is the right choice for him/her.

3. Insurance and Financial Assistance

For BostonSight, Needham, MA patients, the insurance and financial assistance eligibility process usually takes 2 to 6 weeks. See more information here.

4. PROSE Treatment

PROSE treatment is provided by a team that includes cornea specialist ophthalmologists, and optometrists who have completed the BostonSight PROSE Clinical Fellowship.

Treatment takes an average of 4 to 12 day long visits to complete, with periodic follow up visits as needed during the first six months. Patients that live nearby a PROSE provider may space out their visits during the treatment process.

Customization Process

PROSE devices

PROSE doctors customize multiple trial prosthetic devices. PROSE devices are fabricated at the BostonSight PROSE Manufacturing Lab using high-tech computerized lathes. Each step is followed by a trial wearing session to make sure each patient achieves the best customization possible. The final prosthetic device or devices is unique to each patient’s eye, condition, and specific treatment goals.

Patient Training

Patients participate in three or more training sessions to learn how to apply, remove, and care for their prosthetic devices. PROSE providers work with each patient, whatever their needs might be, for as long as necessary to ensure that they are comfortable and confident in the use and care of their new prosthetic devices. Family members and caregivers are often trained to assist patients as well.

Follow-up with Primary Eye Care Doctor

Patients are instructed to follow-up with their referring eye doctor within 2 to 3 weeks of finishing treatment. Ongoing care is provided by the primary eye care doctor and coordinated with the PROSE treatment team.

5. Annual Evaluation

Patients are advised to return once a year to their PROSE provider for a comprehensive exam. During this visit, doctors will examine their PROSE devices, make adjustments as needed, and address any related issues. For complete eye exams, including dilations, patients are seen by their primary ophthalmologist or optometrist.

Female patient applies her PROSE device

A Life Changer

PROSE patient and SJS survivor Tiffany

Tiffany's first symptom appeared on a Monday; she awoke with a large, painful blister on the roof of her mouth. When rashes began to appear all over her body, Tiffany’s father rushed her to the hospital... read more