PROSE Treatment

About BostonSight® Network Clinics

Q. When will there be a BostonSight Network Clinic near me?

A. We are continuing to seek new providers across the United States to expand access to BostonSight PROSE treatment. Please sign up for the BostonSight e-bulletin PROSE Eye View ( to receive up to date information on new BostonSight Network openings.

Q. Does anyone other than the clinics listed on the BostonSight website offer BostonSight PROSE treatment or make BostonSight PROSE prosthetic devices?

A. No. All members of the BostonSight Network are listed on our website ( and in our literature. All BostonSight prosthetic devices are designed by BostonSight PROSE Clinical Fellows using our proprietary software, made at the BostonSight Manufacturing Lab in Needham, MA, and shipped to BostonSight Network Clinics across the US and internationally.

Q. Is there anywhere in Europe I can get BostonSight PROSE treatment?

A. Unfortunately there is no immediate plan to open a BostonSight Network Clinic in Europe.

Q. What is the difference between BostonSight Network locations?

A. The location in Massachusetts is the original location and all of the PROSE devices are manufactured on site. BostonSight PROSE treatment does not vary from location to location. Each clinic is staffed by a doctor who completed a nine-week BostonSight® Clinical Fellowship and who participates in continuing education about PROSE treatment. Network clinics were established to increase access to PROSE treatment across the country. Each clinic is independently operated, managing scheduling and insurance and providing ongoing care. We encourage you to choose the location that is most convenient for you.

Q. Can I go through the initial PROSE treatment at BostonSight and then have follow-up care at a BostonSight Network location closer to home?

A. Any follow-up care required within the first six months of your first fitting appointment will be provided by the treating location. All PROSE providers are independently operated and handle their own insurance and appointment scheduling, so you will need to speak directly with the specific PROSE provider if you wish to transfer care after six months. At that time medical records can be transferred at your request.