PROSE Treatment

About BostonSight® PROSE Device Use

Q. I just received my prosthetic device(s). How do I prepare them for application?

A. Devices will be shipped dry in a case. Upon receiving your BostonSight PROSE device(s), please follow the steps below:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with non-moisturizing soap and water before handling your devices.
2. Clean your prosthetic device(s) as instructed below:
          a. Place one prosthetic device in the palm of your hand.
          b. Place one or two drops of Optimum ESC by Lobob on
              the outside surface of the prosthetic device and rub for
              15 seconds. Flip the device over, place another one or
              two drops of Optimum ESC by Lobob and rub the inside
              surface for 15 seconds.
3. Rinse the prosthetic device(s) thoroughly with sterile, preservative-free saline, prescribed for you.
4. Your PROSE device(s) are ready for application.

Q. How do I store my prosthetic device(s)?

A. We recommend that any PROSE devices that are not used for two or more days should be stored dry. Take your prosthetic device out of the overnight disinfection case and dry it with a lint free cloth. When completely dry, the PROSE device can then go in a clean white screw top case, dry, and be stored indefinitely. When you want to use the prosthetic device again, take it from the screw top case and clean with Optimum ESC by Lobob. Rinse and fill the PROSE device with preservative-free saline, prescribed for you. Under no circumstances should a prosthetic device stay in the overnight disinfection case for multiple days. If this occurs, simply re-disinfect the PROSE device and remove it in the morning.

Q. My condition causes mucus to accumulate on the outside of my PROSE device(s). What can I do?

A. You can use one drop of sterile preservative-free saline, prescribed for you, on the end of a Q-tip to “squeegee” the outside surface of the prosthetic device. Alternatively, prosthetic devices can be refreshed; removed, cleaned with Optimum ESC by Lobob cleaner, rinsed thoroughly with preservative-free saline, and reapplied.

Q. I use medicated eye drops and wear prosthetic devices. How do I use the drops?

A. If the medication is used once or twice per day, put the eye drop in before PROSE device application and after PROSE device removal. If the medication is three times per day or more, then consult with your primary eye care provider to determine whether it is acceptable to apply drops while wearing the prosthetic device, as the absorption is compromised.

Q. Can I sleep or nap in my prosthetic device(s)?

A. You can nap for a maximum of thirty minutes. Sleeping with the prosthetic devices can greatly increase the risk of an eye infection.

Q. Can I swim or shower while wearing PROSE device(s)?

A. You can swim while wearing the prosthetic devices with the use of watertight goggles. Please ensure the goggles are not leaking. Showering is fine; we ask that you turn your back to the water when rinsing your hair.

Q. What should I do with my prosthetic devices if I remove them for a short period of time to shower, swim or nap?

A. The prosthetic devices should be stored in a dry white screw top contact lens case. Before re-applying, the PROSE device should be cleaned with LOBOB and rinsed well with preservative-free saline, prescribed for you. The case should then be wiped out with an alcohol prep pad and allowed to air dry.