PROSE Treatment

General FAQ About BostonSight® PROSE

Q. What are the daily essentials for care of my PROSE device(s)? Is there a carrying case available that is smaller than the one provided?

A. Daily Essentials include:

• Preservative-free saline, prescribed for you
• One clean contact lens case
• One application plunger
• One removal plunger

A small digital camera case or makeup bag, available at any major department store, should fit your daily essentials.

Q. I have two BostonSight PROSE devices. How can I distinguish between the left and the right?

A. For patients with prosthetic devices for both eyes, the RIGHT device is marked with ONE black dot. The LEFT device will have either NO dot at all or TWO black dots. When either PROSE device has one or two black dots, such device should be applied with the dot(s) oriented at the 12 o’clock position unless instructed otherwise by your doctor.

Q. What should I do if I experience any of the following symptoms?

A. If you experience:

  •    Persistent redness/soreness not noticed before
  •    Increased sensitivity to light while wearing the prosthetic      
  •    Eye pain
  •    Presence of mucous discharge
  •    Burning

Discontinue using the prosthetic devices and seek medical consultation by your ophthalmologist, cornea specialist, or optometrist.

Q. What kind of eye make-up can I use while wearing my PROSE device(s)?

A. Download a chart detailing Contact Lens Compatible Make-Up.

Q. What solutions can I take on an airplane?

A. You can carry on all necessary solutions except hydrogen peroxide and ClearCare, which are not allowed on an aircraft under any circumstances. These can be packed in your checked luggage. We will provide you with a medical necessity letter addressed to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) detailing what you should be allowed to bring onto the airplane due to medical reasons.

Q. How often do I need to be seen for follow-up care by my BostonSight PROSE provider?

A. Once the global treatment period is complete, patients are expected to return annually to their BostonSight PROSE provider for a comprehensive PROSE treatment evaluation.

Q. What should I expect when I return for my annual visit?

A. Each year you will have a comprehensive evaluation of your PROSE treatment. For complete eye exams, including dilated examinations, please see your primary ophthalmologist or optometrist. We do not perform routine eye care and vision exams.

Q. Do I continue to see my regular ophthalmologist or optometrist?

A. Yes. You should follow-up with your referring eye doctor within three-four weeks after being discharged. Continue to see your doctor on an annual basis or per their recommendation.

Q. What is involved in getting a new plasma treatment for my PROSE devices?

A.  Your PROSE devices are plasma treated as the last step of their manufacturing. The plasma treatment makes them more wettable so that vision and comfort are both improved. Simple wearing and handling, as well as the care solutions, can wear down the treated surface. This can make the prosthetic devices cloudy, requiring more frequent blinking, rewetting and ‘squeegeeing’ to clear the vision. They can also become increasingly more uncomfortable to wear because of increased dryness. As to how often they may need treatment, this varies greatly, from not at all to every three to four months.

If you suspect or have been told that your prosthetic device(s) need to be plasma treated you should:
• Send them to us ‘Attention: Device Coordinator

It is recommended that you send PROSE device(s) via FedEx, UPS, or by some other means that will allow you to track them. This will reduce the chances that they may be lost. Once we receive them, we will treat them and send them back to you, as soon as possible.

If you choose to have your PROSE device(s) returned to you via USPS regular mail, there would be no associated shipping cost. Requests for expedited shipping using Fed Ex will incur a charge. Please note that payment for FedEx shipping must be made by credit card before your prosthetic device(s) are returned. Without exception, all packages, regardless of shipping method, require a signature on arrival.

Q: I am traveling to ________ country/non-US city. Can you please tell me where there is a pharmacy where I can buy the solutions I need for my PROSE devices?

A: Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing which solutions are available in which countries. We recommend that for extended trips, you either pack the solutions that you will need and ship them to yourself at your destination; or else order some supplies from a US distributor for delivery to your destination address.