PROSE Treatment

Devices Used in BostonSight® PROSE

The prosthetic devices created during BostonSight PROSE treatment are transparent domes, about the size of a nickel. They look similar to an oversized hard contact lens and resemble a margarita glass without the stem in shape. PROSE devices fit under the eyelids, vaulting the damaged cornea and resting on the sclera (the relatively insensitive white tissue of the eye). Worn during waking hours, patients are trained in daily application, removal and cleaning as part of the treatment process.

Schematic drawing of a PROSE device

BostonSight PROSE treatment uses the ONLY scleral lens prosthetic devices that are approved by the FDA for therapeutic indications.

PROSE devices are made out of a highly gas-permeable hard plastic that allows oxygen to reach the cornea. They are designed to create a space between the prosthetic device and the eye that is filled with sterile saline. The liquid remains in the reservoir, providing constant lubrication by bathing the eye in a pool of artificial tears.

Prosthetic devices are customized by specially-trained PROSE doctors and made on-site at the BostonSight PROSE Manufacturing Lab.  PROSE doctors use a proprietary Design to Fit® (DTF) CAD/CAM system to design each prosthetic device precisely to the patient’s unique eye shape.

PROSE creates:

  • A new transparent, smooth optical surface over the irregular, damaged, or diseased cornea
  • An expanded artificial tear reservoir that provides constant lubrication while maintaining necessary oxygen supply
PROSE devices and plungers
PROSE device being filled
BostonSight PROSE device on plunger