PROSE Treatment


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Thousands of patients with ectasia have had their vision restored and quality of life transformed with PROSE (prosthetic replacement of the ocular surface ecosystem) treatment. During BostonSight PROSE treatment, doctors custom design FDA approved prosthetic devices to replace or support damaged ocular functions; improving vision and reducing pain and light sensitivity. 

Schematic drawing of a PROSE device

The prosthetic devices used in PROSE are transparent domes, about the size of a nickel, made of gas permeable plastic that allows oxygen to reach the ocular surface.

PROSE devices fit under the eyelids and rest on the sclera (the relatively insensitive white tissue of the eye), creating a new smooth optical surface that protects the eye from the environment and blink trauma. The removable prosthetic devices are filled with saline at the time of application, creating a reservoir of fluid that continuously bathes the eye in oxygenated artificial tears.

BostonSight PROSE treatment uses the ONLY scleral lens prosthetic device that is approved by the FDA for therapeutic indications.


BostonSight PROSE treatment can:

  • Reestablish a healthy and stable ocular surface environment that supports healing and reduces symptoms
  • Improve blurry vision by masking surface corneal irregularities and transmitting a sharp image to the back of the eye
  • Prevent further damage by protecting the cornea against the environment and eyelids


In 2010, we conducted an online survey of more than 1,000 people with corneal disease.


For the 200 respondents diagnosed with keratoconus, keratoglobus or pellucid marginal degeneration, including 120 PROSE patients:

  • 78% had moderate or severe difficulty driving at night
  • 77% had difficulty reading regular print newspapers, magazines or websites
  • 73% had difficulty with work or hobbies that require seeing up close
  • 69% had light sensitivity
  • 59% had eye pain of discomfort


When asked about success with a variety of treatments:

  • 1% had significant success with soft contact lenses
  • 7% with hybrid contact lenses
  • 22% with rigid gas permeable contact lenses
  • 45% with scleral lenses

86% had significant success with BostonSight PROSE treatment


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Many major insurance carriers cover PROSE treatment and services. Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify. Check with your local BostonSight Network Provider.


BostonSight PROSE treatment is available through a growing network of top-ranked academic medical centers and clinics across the U.S. Each provider site is independently operated, managing their own scheduling and insurance and providing ongoing care.

BostonSight PROSE treatment teams include cornea specialist ophthalmologists, and optometrists who have completed a BostonSight PROSE Clinical Fellowship. Clinical Fellows use a proprietary DTF® CAD/CAM system to design each device precisely to the patient’s unique eye shape. All devices are manufactured at BostonSight’s state-of-the-art lab. 

BostonSight PROSE doctors work with patients, their support systems, and other medical providers to understand each patient’s specific needs and reach treatment goals together.