PROSE Treatment

Prosthetic Device Use and Care

BostonSight® PROSE Treatment Guide: Prosthetic Device Use and Care

This treatment guide includes information on the prosthetic devices used in BostonSight PROSE treatment, including staff contact information and the most recent cleaning and care protocols.   View pdf File

BostonSight PROSE Treatment: Prosthetic Device Use and Care Guide

Guía de Tratamiento para BostonSight® PROSE: Uso y Cuidado del Dispositivo Prostético

Esta guía contiene información importante respecto al uso de su(s) dispositivo(s) BostonSight PROSE e información de contacto de BostonSight en caso de emergencia.   View pdf File

BostonSight PROSE Treatment: Prosthetic Device Use and Care Guide in Spanish
Male patient inserting PROSE device.

Unisol 4 Replacement Recommendations

Addipak vials

To fill your PROSE devices prior to application, we suggest using Sodium Chloride 0.9% vials for nebulization. This is a preservative free saline that comes in 3ml or 5ml vials. These can also be used to rinse your devices. An example is the AddiPak Sodium Chloride 0.9% vials.

Another option is Purilens Plus. Purilens Plus is a chemical and preservative-free contact lens cleaning solution formulated for use with the PuriLens Plus Soft Contact Lens Cleaning/Disinfecting System. It is a sterile preservative-free saline solution buffered with boric acid and sodium borate. It is not a standalone cleaner or disinfection solution; it does not substitute for nightly cleaning and disinfection. PuriLens Plus solution can be ordered directly from Purilens at Visit their website for a list of retail locations that carry the product, including Christmas Tree Shops, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Harmon's.

For RINSING ONLY, if you are unable to get the recommended preservative free suggestions above, we suggest Bausch and Lomb Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution for rinsing only. This solution contains preservatives and under no circumstances should it be used to fill prosthetic devices used in PROSE treatment. Also, if using this solution for rinsing, the prosthetic devices should be thoroughly rinsed with either PuriLens Plus or Sodium Chloride 0.9% inhalation vials prior to application. Bausch and Lomb Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution can be found in many pharmacies, grocery stores, and online, i.e.