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Robyn Mattern - a patient's letter

Robyn, pictured with her husband, has keratoconus and is seeing great thanks to BostonSight PROSE

The following letter was sent to Michelle Hessen, OD, of the PROSE Clinic at Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore MD.

December 28, 2012

Dear Dr. Hessen,

When we first met, you mentioned to me that what fulfilled you the most in your job was knowing that you were truly impacting lives and helping patients with their vision.

With that said, I wanted to let you know how much your expertise has improved my life. It has been close to 10 months now that I have been wearing my PROSE devices, and they have dramatically increased my comfort, vision and overall livelihood. I turned 40 this year and truly the one thing I was grateful for was finally finding a pain free solution to my degenerating vision due to keratoconus.

My chronic dry eyes, irritation from my RGPs and light sensitivity were extremely debilitating. At times it was so hard to drive my kids to school because what should have been a beautiful sunrise was so blinding that I would have to pull over to take eye breaks. My work as a technology sales rep was severely impacted because the light from the computer screen was so painful. In addition, I was scared to go to social events for fear that if my eyes became irritated from my contacts I could not drive home.

Since being treated with PROSE, I am a new person. My vision is amazing! My eyes do not hurt. People stop and tell me I have beautiful blue eyes. My friends ask - “What have you done, you look different!?” It is my eyes - they look healthy and are not bloodshot and squinting.

This treatment has changed my life and I am grateful to you for this. I wish I had pursued this from the get go and I hope that others can find value in PROSE sooner rather than later.

Keratoconus patient Robyn with her children

Dr. Hessen, I just want you to know how thankful I am to you and your staff. Jamee Paterniti, your PROSE Coordinator, is amazing. Any request I have submitted to her, she has truly gone above and beyond for me. This type of patient service is invaluable.

Thanks again. You truly have changed my life. If a patient ever needs a referral I am happy to do so. I sincerely want others to know that there IS a comfortable solution to solve vision loss due
to keratoconus and there is no reason to suffer through pain and/or compromised vision.

Happy New Year,
Robyn Mattern

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