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No More Wasted Time

Patient: Cory Rosenbergh
Diagnosis: dry eye
Sight Restored: 2011

PROSE patient Corey with his dog Cally

I came to Boston Foundation for Sight (BFS) in 2006. I suffer from extreme dry eyes and do not produce any tears at all.  My eyes had gotten so bad that going to work and playing sports were becoming very difficult. On some days my eyes would be so scratched that going outside was almost impossible - the bright lights were blinding to me. I am a very active guy and this problem was really threatening my life.

I had tried everything from supplements and meditation to acupuncture. Nothing was working. The cornea specialist I see in Ann Arbor suggested I go to BFS for BostonSight® PROSE treatment.  I had no idea how I could afford everything but I knew I had to find a way.

I flew out to Boston and was introduced to Dr. Johns. I knew right away that I was in good hands and she made me feel very comfortable. The entire clinic was wonderful and they offered so many different ideas on how to stay out there and handle the costs.

I started the treatment on a Monday and returned home that same week with my new set of prosthetic devices. I'd like to tell you that was the end of the story and all was well, but…I didn't want to bother with taking care of the devices and I decided that I could beat this dry eye thing on my own.  My eyes got even worse over the next few years and I didn't keep up with the devices at all.

Finally, in 2011 I got back in touch with BFS. They informed me that they now had a PROSE clinician working at Kellogg Eye Center in Ann Arbor, MI. I called there immediately and made an appointment to see Dr. Karen DeLoss. She was great and customized a pair of new PROSE devices for me. They were bigger than the ones I had previously, and they were more comfortable too.

Since then, I wear them all day long and have to refresh them from time to time.  I still have to use my refresh tears a lot because I don't make tears and blinking is like using a windshield wiper on a dry windshield. The devices protect my corneas and keep them healthy. I am able to work without a problem, and I am also back to playing sports without much difficulty. Taking care of the devices is a minor inconvenience - I can’t believe that I wasted so much time not wearing them!

I would like to thank everyone at BFS who were so kind to me. I especially want to thank my doctors - I really don’t have the words for how I feel about them, but I just wanted to let them know how much I appreciate them.

Thank You,
Cory Rosenbergh
(pictured above with Cally)

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