For Patients

You Believed in Me

Amber Haugen

Amber has keratoconus, and can now see 20/20 thanks to BostonSight PROSE

August 2012

To Everyone at Boston Foundation for Sight –

I am writing to express my deepest thanks for the care and service you provided to me and my family. From the moment I first called with questions, I was met with genuine concern, honest feedback and knowledgeable information.

The experience at the clinic was amazing! Who knew sitting at a doctor’s office for a week could be healing in itself! The way you facilitate patient conversations and interactions is wonderful. Perhaps more amazing is the personal and informal connection between professional healthcare providers and patients. It was incredible to have my doctor jump into the kitchen for lunch and then check on my progress during a trial period (even getting me a pair of glasses until my PROSE devices could be checked and modified).

I am truly as impressed by the people at BFS as I am by the treatment you provide. While PROSE has opened my eyes to the world again, BFS has opened my heart and renewed my faith in the medical community. In a world that seems hungry for power and position, and a medical field that is plagued by falsified facts, intimidating insurance and a reputation for misleading consumers, Boston Foundation for Sight stands out as a beacon for honorable and Hippocratic practices.

My life is already so different and I have been telling everyone I know about BFS. Thank you to everyone who spent time training me. When I wanted to give up, you believed in me. Thank you all for your patience, candor and investment in my life.

- Amber Haugen

(KC sufferer for 13 years, now seeing 20/20)

P.S. Upon returning home, lots of people were interested in how my PROSE devices worked, so I created a simple YouTube video as a demonstration.

Download a PDF of this letter.